How many poems did Jose Rizal write?

How many poems did Jose Rizal write? I need the total number of poems that Jose Rizal wrote in his lifetime for a little introductory speech I’m making for class. Help please!

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  • Debbie Queen of All

    Jose Rizal wrote 13 poems in total:
    – Our Mother Tongue
    – Memories of My town
    – Hymn to Labor
    – Kundiman
    – A Poem That Has No Title
    – Song of Maria Clara
    – To the Philippines Youth
    – To Josephine
    – Education Gives Luster to the Motherland
    – To the Virgin Mary
    – Sa Aking mga Kabata (Filipino poem)

    • miraflor ramada

      thank you for that coz i've got it!

  • Jay

    I don't have the total number, but I think he wrote a lot more poems than that.

    • jonel damasco

      that true a lot poem that he wrote

  • xcerine

    not only 13 poems! there's more like what he wrote in ateneo.

  • ihola

    how about the ultimo adios?

  • LivanaG

    i think its 6

  • Devz_gaga

    35 at least

  • KeySparks72

    18. that’s what my professor said. :)

  • Markky Lomotos

    i think more than 20 but i dont know the specific number