Rizal’s Paintings

Jose Rizal was a great painter as well. Here is a list of known paintings by Rizal.

Imno sa Paggawa

Translated to English as Hymn To Labor, Jose Rizal wrote this poem for his friends from Lipa, Batangas in January 1888 as a tribute to the hardships, industriousness and resiliency of Lipenos (people from Lipa, Batangas).

Sa Kabataang Pilipino

Sa Kabataang Pilipino (originally, “A la juventud filipina” in Spanish) was written by Jose Rizal when he was eighteen years old.

Huling Paalam

Huling Paalam is the Tagalog version of My Last Farewell (Mi Ultimo Adios in Spanish) as translated by Jose Gatmaytan.

My Last Thought

My Last Thought is the English translation of the Spanish poem Mi Ultimo Adios, the last poem that Jose Rizal finished hours before his execution on December 30th 1896.


Felicitación is a Spanish poem written by Jose Rizal in 1875 to greet his brother-in-law, Antonio Lopez, on his saint’s day. Rizal was 14 years old then.

Mi Retiro

Mi Retiro (translated to English as My Retreat) was written by Rizal while in exile in Dapitan. From his mother’s prodding, Rizal revived his writing of poems where he expressed his serene life and his acceptance of his destiny and whatever justice will be given him.

Kundiman (English Translation)

This poem is the English translation of ‘Kundiman’ from Tagalog. In the Philippines, a kundiman is a traditional Filipino love song sang by a young man to serenade the woman of his love. In the poem, however, the object of Rizal’s intense love was his Motherland.