Alianza Íntima Entre La Religión Y La Educación

This poem Alianza Íntima Entre La Religión Y La Educación or “The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Education” was written in April 19, 1876 when Dr. Jose Rizal was just fifteen and studying in Ateneo de Manila. In the poem it can be reflected how Jesuit education and faith are strongly interrelated. Cual hiedra trepadora … Read more

Mi Primera Inspiracion

The following poem in Spanish Mi Primera Inspiracion or “My First Inspiration” was believed to have been written by Dr. Jose Rizal when he was just nine years old. Other documents reported that this is the work of his nephew, Antonio Lopez-Rizal (Narcisa’s son) because of seeming likeness in handwriting of the two Rizals. ¿Porqué … Read more

Rizal Quotes in Filipino

I have compiled here some of Jose Rizal’s famous quotes in Filipino (Tagalog) taken from El Filibusterismo. I hope these can help many students coming to for their homework 🙂 “Napakatamis ng tubig at naiinom, bagaman lumulunod sa alak at serbesa at pumapatay sa apoy. Nagiging singaw ito kapag pinainitan; kapag naligalig, nagiging karagatan … Read more

Miss C.O. y R.

Jose Rizal dedicated this poem to Miss Consuelo Ortiga y Rey (Miss C.O. y R.) and was written in August 22,1883.