Mi Primera Inspiracion

Mi Primera Inspiracion (My First Inspiration) is a Spanish poem that is believed to have been written by Jose Rizal when he was nine years old.

Miss C.O. y R.

Jose Rizal dedicated this poem to Miss Consuelo Ortiga y Rey (Miss C.O. y R.) and was written in August 22,1883.

To The Philippines

Rizal as our national hero showed unselfish love for his country by laying his own life in martyrdom and awakening people’s patriotic fervor so that Philippines would be freed from Spanish tyranny.

Hymn to Talisay

“Hymn to Talisay” was written by Rizal for his pupils in Dapitan to sing whenever they rendezvous under the talisay tree.

Flower Among Flowers

In this poem, Rizal alludes to a beautiful young girl as a flower that stands out among all the flowers. Who was Rizal referring to as the “flower among flowers”?

Education Gives Luster to Motherland

In this poem “Education Gives Luster to Motherland”, Jose Rizal extols the citizenry to strive towards education in order to give glory to the country.

They Ask Me for Verses!

They Ask Me for Verses (Me Piden Versos) reflects how sad it was for Rizal to be able to stir emotions through his poems but have them stifled by the Spaniards.


Jose Rizal wrote “Kundiman” in Tagalog on September 12th 1891. The theme of Rizal’s “Kundiman” is his intense love for his Motherland.

First Inspiration

For whom did Jose Rizal write “First Inspiration”? Many believe it was for Leonor Rivera, Rizal’s childhood sweetheart for eleven years.

Child Jesus

“Child Jesus” was written in Spanish by Jose Rizal in 1875 at the age of 14. The poem is an octave real or a short poem with eight verses only.