Rizal Monuments in the Philippines

In almost every city, town, and even barrio in the Philippines, you will find a monument, statue, or bust of Jose Rizal. Here is a list of some of the more prominent monuments of Jose Rizal throughout the Philippines.

Rizal monuments in the Philippines are located in almost every provincial capital and city. There is Luneta in Manila, Rizal parks in Daet, Camarines Norte, Tacloban, Leyte, Villasis Pangasinan, Santa Cruz in Laguna, Dapitan City, Calamba, and many more provinces.

First Rizal Monument

The first Rizal monument was erected in Daet, Camarines Norte in 1898, which was only about two years after Jose Rizal, our national hero, died and was completed in 1899. The 20-foot high stone edifice is a special monument to the Bicolanos even of the absence of an intricate design. Lt. Colonel Antonio Sanz, who is a Mason, designed the monument which includes a three tiered stone pylon, a square base and a two level triangular body that tapers off. The monument symbolizes the libertarian aspirations and resiliency of Bicolanos while serving as a reminder of the martyrdom and heroic acts of the Great Malayan, Jose Rizal.


Rizal Monument in Luneta.
Rizal Monument at Luneta

The Rizal monument in Luneta consists of the bronze sculpture of Jose Rizal, while an obelisk serves as a backdrop mounted on a pedestal to which Rizal’s remains are stored. A plaque is secured to the pedestal and includes the message “To the memory of Jose Rizal, patriot and martyr, executed on Bagumbayan Field December 30 1896.”

The perimeter of the monument is patrolled 24/7 by The Philippine Marine Corps marine security and escort group. The shrine in Luneta was unveiled in December 30, 1913, which is the 17th death anniversary of Jose Rizal.

Tallest Rizal Monument in the World

This is the world's tallest Jose Rizal monument which was unveiled during the Palarong Pambansa 2014 hosted by Laguna.
The world’s tallest Jose Rizal monument in Sta. Cruz, Laguna

The tallest Rizal monument in the world is located in Sta. Cruz, Laguna and was unveiled during the opening of Palarong Pambansa 2014. The 7.9 meter bronze statue was completed just about a month prior to opening of the Palarong Pambansa and includes a 1000-square meter wide pedestal serving as a mount for the Rizal statue holding an epee on a stairs like structure. A chamber is formed within the stairs like structure and will be developed into a museum and a library about Rizal and the province of Laguna.

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Biggest Rizal Monument

The Jose Rizal monument in Calamba, Laguna was opened in 2011 and is considered the biggest monument of Rizal in the world. The symbolic full body bronze monument is 22 foot high which symbolizes the 22 dialects and languages Rizal mastered. To go near the monument, you have to traverse 15 steps which symbolizes the 15 decades of Dr. Jose Rizal.  The Rizal monument in Calamba is 6.7 hectares big.

Other Jose Rizal Monuments in the Philippines

The Rizal Monument in Leyte is located at Rizal Plaza in Tacloban, which is the provincial capital.

The all-white grand Rizal monument in Zamboanga is located at the center of Dapitan Town Plaza in front of the City hall.

Most town plazas or city parks have monuments of Dr. Jose Rizal like those found in Tabaco City, San Juan in Manila, Tarlac, Sorsogon City, Camalig Albay, Angono Rizal, Iloilo City, Daraga Albay, Ilocos Sur, Oriental Mindoro, Oas Albay and some other places around the Philippines.

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