El Filibusterismo Characters

El Filibusterismo is the second novel written by Doctor Jose Rizal and is a sequel Noli me Tangere. El Filibusterismo means “Reign of Greed” in English.

El Filibusterismo, the second novel written by Jose Rizal, is a sequel to his first novel Noli me Tangere. El Filibusterismo, which has an English alternate title of “Reign of Greed,” was written in Spanish, just like the Noli Me Tangere.

El Filibusterismo was published in 1891 and is now part of the teachings in the secondary level or high school in the Philippines to this day.


Crisostomo Ibarra, who was the main character in Noli Me Tangere, comes back as Simoun. He was described as a rich bearded jeweler who likes to wear blue tinted glasses.

Simoun is the main character of the sequel novel and is known as a confidant of the Captain General, who became a cynical saboteur who sought revenge against the Spanish regime by masterminding a revolution. Simoun’s tactic was to influence the decisions of the Captain General so that he will make bad decisions, which would cause a revolution to break out.

He sides with the upper classes and advises to abuse the Filipinos so that the Filipino masses will have a reason to revolt against the Spanish occupants.

Two reasons why Simoun is instigating a revolution is to rescue Maria Clara from the convent and to admonish the ills and evils of the Philippine society. However, his cover is blown and his true identity discovered by a boy named Basilio. This happened while Basilio was visiting the grave of his mother Sisa, who was a significant character in Noli me Tangere.

Simoun offered to make Basilio his accomplice, but the boy declined.

Male Characters

Another major character in El Filibusterismo is Kabesang Tales, who was a former cabeza de barangay of the Sagpang. He resurfaces as the most feared bandit in Luzon named Matanglawin.

Don Custodio is a known journalist who is asked by the students about Academia de Castellano. Don Custodio married a rich woman to become part of Manila’s high society.

Isagani is Basilio’s friend who removed the explosive lamp from Kapitan Tiyago’s house and prevents Simoun from being successful in his plans to blow up the house of the Kapitan.

Female Characters

Paulita Gomez is the girlfriend of Isagani and the niece of Dona Victorina, who is a Peninsular.

Macaraig is a classmate of Isagani at the University of Santo Tomas and a rich student who serves as the leader of students who wish for the construction of the Academia de Castellano.

Father Florentino is Isagani’s godfather and is a seculiar priest who was engaged to be married.

Other Characters

Other characters of Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo are Dona Victorina, Father Florentino. Juli San Jose, Juanito Pelaez, Father Camorra, Ben-Zayb, Placido Penitente, Hermana Penchang, Tiburcio de Espadana, Father Irone, Quiroga, Don Timoteo Pelaez, Tandang Selo, Father Fernandez, Sandoval, Hermana Bali, Father Millon, Tadeo, Leeds, Tano, Pepay, Pecson, Pecson and Father Hernando de la Sibyla.

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