To the Virgin Mary

Jose Rizal was a Marian devotee and even carved a statue of the Virgin Mary when he young boy. “To the Virgin Mary”  is a sonnet that was said to have been written in December 3, 1876 while Rizal was studying in Ateneo.

Mary, sweet peace and dearest consolation
of suffering mortal: you are the fount whence springs
the current of solicitude that brings
unto our soil unceasing fecundation.

From your abode, enthroned on heaven’s height,
in mercy deign to hear my cry of woe
and to the radiance of your mantle draw
my voice that rises with so swift a flight.

You are my mother, Mary, and shall be
my life, my stronghold, my defense most thorough;
and you shall be my guide on this wild sea.

If vice pursues me madly on the morrow,
if death harasses me with agony:
come to my aid and dissipate my sorrow!

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