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Death of Jose Rizal

The death of Jose Rizal on December 30, 1896 came right after a kangaroo trial convicted him on all three charges of rebellion, sedition and conspiracy.

They Ask Me for Verses!

Jose Rizal wrote the poem Me Piden Versos (They Asked Me for Verses) while he was a member of Circulo Hispano Filipino.

Kundiman (Tagalog Version)

Jose Rizal wrote "Kundiman" in Tagalog in September 12,1891. The theme of Rizal's "Kundiman" is his intense love for his Motherland.

First Inspiration

For whom did Jose Rizal write "First Inspiration"? Read on and find out how much this person inspired Rizal to be one of great men in history and literature.

Child Jesus

"Child Jesus" was written in Spanish by Jose Rizal in 1875 at the age of 14. The poem is an octave real or a short poem with eight verses only.

To the Virgin Mary

"To the Virgin Mary" is a sonnet that was said to have been written in December 3, 1876 while Rizal was studying in Ateneo.

To the Flowers of Heidelberg

Jose Rizal wrote "To the Flowers of Heidelberg" on April 24, 1886 while he was in Germany and felt a deep longing for his family and his country.

Memories of My Town

In "Memories of My Town", Jose Rizal spoke of his childhood days in Calamba, Laguna recalling his happiest memories of the place and the people.

My Retreat

Jose Rizal describes in "My Retreat" his exile in Dapitan. From 1892 to 1896, he lived an unexciting but fruitful life.

Goodbye to Leonor

"Goodbye to Leonor" was written by Jose Rizal for his lady love, Leonor Rivera who was only 13 years old when Rizal met her in Dagupan.