Mi Retiro

Mi Retiro or “My Retreat” was written by Rizal while on exile in Dapitan. From his mother’s prodding, Rizal revived his writing of poems where he expressed his serene life and his acceptance of his destiny and whatever justice will be given him. Cabe anchurosa playa de fina y suave arena y al pie de una … Read more

Kundiman (English Translation)

Now mute indeed are tongue and heart: love shies away, joy stands apart. Neglected by its leaders and defeated, the country was subdued and it submitted. But O the sun will shine again! Itself the land shall disenchain; and once more round the world with growing praise shall sound the name of the Tagalog race. … Read more

Por La Educación ( Recibe Lustre La Patria )

Por La Educación ( Recibe Lustre La Patria ) or “Education Gives Luster To The Motherland” is one of Jose Rizal’s work that was translated in English. However the translator was never given credit as he chose to be anonymous. La sabia educación, vital aliento Infunde una virtud encantadora; Ella eleva la Patria al alto … Read more

Alianza Íntima Entre La Religión Y La Educación

This poem Alianza Íntima Entre La Religión Y La Educación or “The Intimate Alliance Between Religion and Education” was written in April 19, 1876 when Dr. Jose Rizal was just fifteen and studying in Ateneo de Manila. In the poem it can be reflected how Jesuit education and faith are strongly interrelated. Cual hiedra trepadora … Read more

Mi Primera Inspiracion

The following poem in Spanish Mi Primera Inspiracion or “My First Inspiration” was believed to have been written by Dr. Jose Rizal when he was just nine years old. Other documents reported that this is the work of his nephew, Antonio Lopez-Rizal (Narcisa’s son) because of seeming likeness in handwriting of the two Rizals. ¿Porqué … Read more