Can you give me the names of the nine girlfriends of Jose Rizal?

I am in need of the names of the 9 girlfriends of Jose Rizal and about their lives. Just a wh-questions like where they live,how they met and etc.

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  1. The Women in Rizal’s Liife:
    1. Segunda Katigbak
    – Rizal’s first love -Puppy love
    – He mer her during one of his visits to his maternal grandmother in Trozo, Manila.
    – Their love was doomed from the start because she was engaged to Manuel Luz.
    2. Miss L
    – A mysterious young maiden from Calamba.
    – His courtship ended because of the following reasons: a) the sweetest memory of Segunda was still fresh in his mind and b) his father disapproved his relationship with Miss L.
    3. Leonor Valenzuela
    – Rizal met her during his Sophomore year in UST.
    – Used his knowledge in Chemistry to send love letters in invisble ink.
    – His courtship did not lead to a proposal of marriage. His heart turned to another Leonor who dominated his thoughts for most of the rest of his life.
    4. Leonar Rivera
    – His sweetheart for 11 years.
    – Rizal’s inspiration for Maria Clara.
    – Her mother disapproved of their relationship and hid Rizal’s letter from her.
    – Married and English nobleman named Henry Kipping.
    5. Consuela Ortigas Y Perez
    – Rizal expressed his love and admiration to her in a poem entitles “La Señora C.O.Y.P.”
    – His love didn’t blossom because a) he wanted to stay loyal to Leonor and b) his co-member Eduardo D Lete, was inlove with her and didn’t want to break their friendship over a girl.
    6. O-Sei-San (Seiro Usui)
    A Japanese samurai’s daughter who taught Rizal the art of painting.
    – Rizal saw the qualities of an idealwoman in her.
    – Rizal was tempted to stay and settle in Japan but his strong desire to help the Filipino people was stronger and bade her farewell.
    7. Gertrude Beckett (Totie)
    – She showered him with affection and care.
    – Rizla did not marry her because he has a mission to fulfill.
    – Rizal gave the Beckett sisters a group carving as a sign of friendship.
    8. Nelly Boustead
    – She was very reserved.
    – She was more handsome than beautiful.
    – She had her grandfather’s determined mouth, strong nose and jaw.
    – rule out her eyes and hair, and hers was a boy’s face, the face off the boy her parents had perhaps wanted.
    – She enjoyed men’s sports and was good at then.
    – She was a thinker.
    9. Suzanne Jacoby
    – Rizal moved to Brussels because of the high cost of living in Paris.
    – Boarded the house of two Jacoby sisters where he met Suzanne.
    – “I feel unhappy thinking that perhaps I may never see you again.”
    10. Josephine Bracken
    – 18 years old when he met Rizal, 5″1′ in height.
    – Irish, petite, pretty in a provocative way, with eyes a little bold, sensuous lips, and a mass of curly brown hair.
    – The only women mentioned in Rizal,s “Ultimo Adios:.

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